GEXT SEA Finals 2017

GEXT SEA Finals 2017

General Information

GEFORCE Esports eXtreme Tournament (GEXT) is an eSports tournament organised by NVIDIA. Thousands of gamers will be battling for supremacy on the most popular eSports titles within the region. The tournament aims to grow the gaming community in the regional by creating more accessible opportunities for amateur gamers. The tournament will be streamed live to allow gamers and eSports enthusiasts around the world to follow the development online.

25 - 26 November 2017

Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive, Philipines


1. Indonesia
2. Malaysia
3. Philipines
4. VIetnam
5. Thailand

CS:GO Team
1. Teamnxl> (Indonesia)
2.  Imperium Pro (Singapore)
3. UTM (Vietnam)
4. Signature (Thailand)

DOTA 2 Team
1. Skyville (Philipines)
2. DOTAHERO (Malaysia)
3. Barol Gaming (Indonesia)
4. Next Gen (Vietnam)
5. Unimaginangel (Singapore)